Sunday, September 22, 2019

Drama and Suspense From Call Center Robocalls

Privacy? You want privacy?! Forget it. They know all about you: your age,  internet views, address - even your damned phone number. It’s the communications age, baby! Those bloody robo callers, and scammers share one common goal: get your money and get it quickly. Maybe it’s time to fight back.

Robocall follows a few days in the life of G.T. Benz, a veteran and widower, yearning to see his long-absent daughter, “Trish,” before he dies. Doing his best to live out his remaining days in “peace and dignity,” he fights a daily battle with internet crooks, and malign door-bangers all ramping up the normal stress of loneliness and aging. Give it a look. You might just feel better for it.

Robocall is now available on iTunes

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