Saturday, November 16, 2019

Robocalls and Sickness

Waterfall, Wave, Fantastic, Woman, Nature, Water

Overwhelmed by robocalls? AARP, and other organizations have endorsed legislation to stop robocalls, but congress has yet to act. People, especially the ill and elderly, are being victimized by unwanted calls, many of which are outright scams. What does it take to stop the madness? Will congress act, or are we simply to smile and take it like good little suckers?

Robocall follows a few days in the life of G.T. Benz, a veteran and widower, yearning to see before he dies his long-absent daughter, “Trish.” Doing his best to live out his remaining days in “peace and dignity,” he fights a daily battle with internet crooks, and malign door-bangers, all ramping up the normal stress of loneliness and aging. Give it a look. You might just feel better for it.
Robocall is now available on iTunes and Google Play

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