Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Best Overlooked Indie Movies 2019

Overlooked Movies That Move the Heart

   Loneliness, separation, and sadness are everywhere in this changing world. The sight of a family and friends gathered around the fireplace is now the stuff of antique greeting cards. For many, loved ones, friends and acquaintances are divided by time and space. These days the cell phone, texts, and emails are often the only links between between humans longing for companionship.

   However, electronic circuits are no substitute for the face and heart of another. Witness one G.T. Benz, a veteran and widower who never got over the loss of his beloved wife. Now, while trying to reunite with his long-absent daughter, he finds himself assailed by strangers in a communications nightmare -- and there will be hell to pay. 

Answer The Damn Phone!

   "Don’t hang up that phone! If you do, I’ll just keep calling, next time with a different area code. If you hang up again, I’ll keep calling until I get your money. See, I’m a robo caller and that’s what I do. I don’t give up and I thrive on suckers like you.

   Sometimes I push legitimate products, and other times I’m working outrageous scams – all designed to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. So stop playing hard to get. Answer my calls and get that damned wallet out. Resistance is futile."

   G.T. Benz isn't going to like this.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

New Indie Films in 2019

Can robo calls kill? Consider the ill or elderly, often the same, and the effects of unwanted intrusions in their lives.  Consider the senior citizen who receives a call from the “IRS,” claiming that his or her Social Security “account” has been suspended due to “irregular activity.” What would be the effect of this news on a heart patient living day to day on meager retirement funds?

This common scam has caused fear and consternation among countless thousands, and it is only one of many. Even ordinary sales pitches can be irritating, especially when some bloody stranger seems to know your personal information: “Based on your mortgage balance of $375,000, we are prepared to give you a low-interest refinance loan.” How did these SOBs get that information? And why is it any of their business?

The New trends in Indie Movies

Among Indie films there is quite a range these days. They include those with big themes as in 1917, to the more intimate, award winning Ro...